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The Value of Prevention

Tree decline, and tree failure is far too often dismissed as a disease or pest problem. But why doesn’t this pest or disease effect all the trees in your landscape?

A common characteristic with trees and humans is preventative care. Eating right, exercise, and a proper work life balance has been proven to greatly reduce risk of disease and illness, and increase life expectancy. The majority of tree decline in the residential and urban landscape is promoted by abiotic disorders. This can be drought, extreme weather conditions, improper planting or maintenance, excess soil and mulch, or root damage from compaction or construction equipment.

As trees are exposed to these abiotic disorders, they are less effective in defending themselves from damaging insect and disease issues which will accelerate decline. Most damaging insects and diseases are present in the landscape throughout the trees’ life. These pests however, are opportunistic, and thrive on stressed and weekend trees. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the property owner to address these abiotic issues before “reactive” treatments are necessary.

The potential for tree survival is much higher, and cost to save the trees will be lower if abiotic issues are addressed earlier in the trees life. Just as our doctors have always told us, “an ounce of prevention is work a pound of cure”.

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