August 29, 2018

Tree Care Services

Trees in urban and residential areas grow in a dynamic environment where intervention is almost always a necessity. Greenlink is a full-service tree care provider that offers all solutions from preservation to removal. Healthy and mature trees can increase your property value by up to 20%. Contact a Greenlink arborist to find out how investing in your trees can improve the aesthetics, safety, and value of your property.

Why Invest in Your Trees?

  • Aesthetics: The benefits of visual exposure to trees is undeniable. Studies have shown the exposure to trees to reduce stress and lower blood pressure within minutes. Fall color, spring flowers, and a green summer greatly improve the charm of any landscape.
  • Property value: Realtor case studies have shown that healthy and mature trees to increase your property value by up to 20%! Mature trees have appraised values from $1,000-$10,000.
  • Environmental: Trees absorb massive amounts of carbon and produce oxygen. Trees can also improve water quality by reducing runoff and erosion.
  • Safety: Protecting your home and business is the highest priority.

Tree Pruning:

Pruning a tree is removing specific branches or stems to benefit the whole tree. Why prune a tree? Health. Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree.

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Hazard Assessment:

Trees develop decay, dead, and diseased wood throughout their lifetime that can pose a major hazard to potential targets in the area. Mechanical damage, fungal issues, and insect damage can be responsible for dead and declining tree limbs. A Greenlink arborist can provide a hazard assessment and recommendations to improve the safety of your property.

More Information on Hazard Assessments

Root and Soil Management:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is as true with trees as it is with humans.  Good tree health always starts with root health. The majority of tree decline in the urban landscape is due to soil compaction, tree root girdling, excess soil/mulch, poor soil health, and poor drainage. This is often related to issues with nursery-grown trees, construction damage, and lack of organic matter for the soils. Greenlink arborist can assess the root health and soil conditions for trees of any maturity and provide recommendations to improve the root growth environment. Providing good root and soil health will improve a tree’s resistance to insect, disease, and environmental stress.

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Insect and Disease Management:

Greenlink utilizes an integrated approach to manage damaging insects in the landscape. Targeted treatments are performed with consideration of insect lifecycle, populations, and weather conditions. Chemical control is the last resort to manage damaging insects, with the exception of some invasive species. Creating an environment with a diversity of beneficial insects and less opportune feeding or living environments is the responsible solution to long-term control. Most damaging insects and diseases are the opportunist and thrive on poorly managed or stressed landscape trees and plants. Contact a Greenlink arborist to assess your property and provide sustainable solutions for insect and disease damage.

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Tree Removal:

While Greenlink prefers to save trees whenever possible, tree removal may be necessary to improve safety and landscape functionality. Tree removal and logging have been one of the most dangerous industries over the last century. Greenlink utilizes the industry’s most modern rigging techniques and mechanical equipment to ensure safe take down and removal of all trees. A Greenink arborist can assess tree risk considering health, structure, location, and potential targets. Our certified arborist can identify signs of internal tree decay, structural flaws, and potential for failure with live or dead trees. Contact a Greenink arborist to assess the risk associated with your trees.

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Arborist Consultation:

Planning and monitoring can prevent major tree health and safety issues. Any changes to your property or adjacent properties can affect the health and structure of your trees. Creating a tree preservation plan before construction or planting can prevent major tree care issues. Greenlink can also provide tree inventories with an itemized assessment of the trees on your property. A healthy and sustainable landscape will have a diversity of trees and plants, and sustainable growing conditions. Contact a Greenlink arborist to plan for a sustainable and healthy landscape.

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